Our Process

1. Project Information

A. Client supplies blueprint/drawings in CAD or other file formats.

B. Materials and colors:
Clients may supply pictures for material and material color, or pick material and material color from our material sample page.

C. Viewing Angle / Camera Position:
Clients specify the viewing angle for the model. Client may request different angles for model view before deciding final viewing angle.

D. Environment:
Clients may describe the surrounding elements that need to be incorporated into the rendering. For example, people, trees, signs, terrain type, climate, and etc.

E. Photo:
Client may supply high resolution photos for photo integration.

2. Model Building

We will start building 3D model based on client supplied information. Clien will be able to review, comment and correct model before environmental context is added into the renderings.

Scene Composition

Once 3D model, finishes, materials and colors are confirmed and approved by client, we will compose the scene to make the rendering come to life.